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Elzbeth Petzsch
Interior Architect Back to our people

Qualifications: Master – BSC Int. Architecture – University of Pretoria (2005-2007)
Honours & Masters (2011-2012)
Experience: 2008 LichKunstLicht – Germany,
2009-10 St Nubian Architects – Pretoria;
2013- Present – Savile Row

After completing her studies Elzbeth travelled to Germany & gained invaluable work experience in Germany before returning home to complete her Honours & Masters in Interior Architecture at the University of Pretoria. Since joining Savile Row, Elzbeth has shown an adept aptitude for the detailed documentation & implementation phases of the projects.

She is an invaluable source of technical know how with a keen eye on correct process & design detail. Her European experience bodes well for an organised and very capable member of our team.